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Inaction rock / Praha

„Nový Lyric Video! Mrkni se!!“

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Text skladby We Must Have The Greatest Love

z alba Light From The Dark

Autor hudby: Václav Hořák
Autor textu: Ilona Vintrová

I wanna touch to your lips
When my heart is beating and trying to rip
You'll see the greatest moments
Then you can spend this week
And nothing more can destroy this leak

Take my hand into the air
I've seen you so far away
You have beautiful hair
Leave the gloomy life on this bumpy ride
So come on baby come back to those old times

But you were with that fucking girl
How can I be so stupid
Nothing can save this thruth or lie
I never try to cry

We must have the greatest love
We will be together
Together, forever

I know that you have changed
In my dreams you're not strange
I must not think of the past
I want to look ahead so fast