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ID alternative-indie / Třebíč

„Poslechněte si album Already Awake“

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Text skladby Reason vs. Faith

z alba Already Awake

Autor hudby: Lukáš Madrý
Autor textu: Lukáš Madrý

Sun is high in the sky, it’s gonna be a glory night,
Don’t be afraid to die, your soul will be released from that lie

Tell me, tell me what you see, behind the wall made of stone,
The infidels will never see, understand the point of our world,
You’ve got to send them straight away and clean your soul,
Then you’ll be free
You lost everything that you’ve got, your child, wife, sense of life,
Why you should not show your wrath? It is your holy right,
You’ve got to send them straight away and clean your soul,
Then you’ll be free

Can you tell me what’s Jihad? For what am I here, what have I done?
We were torn apart, I wanna scream I wanna run,
Yes, they’re right, I will never see, they expect me to disagree,
With those things they have done, in the name of faith, name of god

Bullets swish around my head, dear god, will it ever end?
Will they ever understand, it leads to nothing, but mutual death
And it slowly comes to me, there’s nothing,
That will help
We all bleed the same blood, but we are not same kind,
Controlled by our faith, that has settled in our minds,
Will there ever reign peace, but not only
For a while?