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Home For Real hardcore / Liberec

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Text skladby Heart Promise

z alba singl Heart Promise

Autor hudby: Timothy Činčala
Autor textu: Pavel Eder

The first floor in my home is based on trust, love and friendship,
it cannot be broken, nothing is stronger than the three.
I'm gonna make it clear and I'm not done with it
and I'm sure you wanna find out what it was that gave them the key.
Well, there's no lock on the door up the stairs
that leads you deeper than you ever wanted; I swear
if you found this key I would welcome you in my home,
accept my trust, my love,
my love with all my heart.

I guess this is the time when falling for my closest friends is not a crime.
And everything I feel and everything I wanna give you
is my heart based on understanding and truth.

True love doesn't need any deeds;
„But eyes are blind; one must look with the heart!"
You have a duty, you have to keep the promise,
protect your home, beloved bros and sis!

It fills my life!
It makes my days, it makes me!