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Home For Real hardcore / Liberec

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Text skladby Roses And Comrades

z alba Roses And Comrades

Autor hudby: Timothy
Autor textu: Činčala

Dark street by street, empty city shouts
about the suffering of the new age's doubts.
It's a frozen hand in a leaky glove,
it's a tear getting frozen in a deficiant love.

I'll take this rose and I'll give it to you
as a sign these feelings are nothing new.
But it's not about me, it's just about you,
just about fulfilling bad stuff you've gone through.

Brothers sitting under a bridge,
happy although they're dying,
starving, seeking and still not finding,
they're thirsty and begging and they've got nothing
but they have much more than you,
still much more than you...

I believe in better days
When you and me
are one family.

A drop of water and a bread crumb
and the feelings you cannot buy.
Crumbling knees and a smile on a face.
Gratitude for your understanding in this place.

I know it's sometimes hard to be
the prostrate one,
but we have to endure these days
until this world is DONE.