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Henry psychedelic-folk / Nitra

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  • Goin´ back [The Byrds cover]
  • Mindbender [Grateful Dead cover]
  • Follow me (Nasleduj ma) [lo-fi]
    Dream Reality
  • Flying [The Beatles cover]
  • Forever (Navždy) [lo-fi]
    Dream Reality
  • Stay (Ostaň)
    Dream Reality
  • Psilocybine blues
    Metamorphosis Psychosis
  • Mind trip (Výlet do mysle)
    Time to fly [EP]
  • Electric Prayer [2012 FULL ALBUM]
    Electric prayer

Henry - Electric prayer [full album] (2012)

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 17.2.2015
01 My dear Lord 00:00
02 Please, don't stop me lead into your way 04:26
03 I am sinner, but please don't leave me 07:52
04 Nobody is bigger than you 10:26
05 You're the creator of all living beings and all the universes 12:35
06 I love your transcendetal smile 16:14
07 I'm not strong enough, i declined many times 21:20
08 Please, help me, Amen. 22:21
---------------------------------------- -------------------
INFO: Maybe this recording will be for you "too abstract",
but it's on you.

This album is big moment in my musicall carrer.
It's my first electric album and at the time i listen often
live recording of Velvet Underground and
acid-space rock albums from Terry Brooks & Strange - Translucent World (1973)
and Raw Power (1976).
This is my second album and it's very personal.

RECORDED: from April 2012 to May 2012
on one microphone at my room in Levice, Slovakia.