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Henry psychedelic-folk / Nitra

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  • Goin´ back [The Byrds cover]
  • Mindbender [Grateful Dead cover]
  • Follow me (Nasleduj ma) [lo-fi]
    Dream Reality
  • Flying [The Beatles cover]
  • Forever (Navždy) [lo-fi]
    Dream Reality
  • Stay (Ostaň)
    Dream Reality
  • Psilocybine blues
    Metamorphosis Psychosis
  • Mind trip (Výlet do mysle)
    Time to fly [EP]
  • Electric Prayer [2012 FULL ALBUM]
    Electric prayer

Henry - Time to fly [EP] (2012)

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 17.2.2015
01 Mind trip
02 Introspection
03 Torn off curtain of consciousness
04 World of relativity
---------------------------------------- ------------------
INFO: Recorded from 20th January 2012 to 5th March 2012
at home in my room, when i'm came back from Canary Islands.
When i came back to Slovakia, i recorded
what i play on The Canary Islands.
I play and people meditate.
Well, someone reel the people in room,
i immerse the people into their inner universe.
The last track ,,World of relativity" was recorded in 2010.

ISSUE: April 2012
Produced by & Arranged by Henry

RECORDED: 20th January 2012 - 5th March 2012
(except track no.04 - recorded in 2010)
in my room in Levice (Slovakia) on one microphone.