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Hell Paso noise-post hardcore / Praha

„!!! Recording NEW EP "3rd Teeth" !!!“

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  • BRETHREN /new/- 3rd Teeth (2018) 340 ×
  • CULT OF WORK /new/- 3rd Teeth (2018) 435 ×
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  • THE NIGHT KNIGHTED THE KNIGHTS- Queen Nevergreen (2016) 625 ×
  • LOW WATER- Queen Nevergreen (2016) 148 ×
  • RAGS- Queen Nevergreen (2016) 423 ×
  • BREAKING THE NEWS- Queen Nevergreen (2016) 507 ×
  • DIGITAL FIST / ANALOG LOVE- Queen Nevergreen (2016) 412 ×
  • FATHERLOO- Queen Nevergreen (2016) 292 ×
  • ESCAPE(s)- Queen Nevergreen (2016) 239 ×
  • JUDGEMENT- Fatherloo EP (2014) 2 100 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • ENDANGERED KIND- Fatherloo EP (2014) 2 183 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma

Text skladby Escape(s)

z alba Queen Nevergreen

ESCAPE(S) I had seen that image in my dreams in my bad dreams the biggest nightmares these visions were so vivid and divine just like a premonition so your weeping eyes were no surprise to me When I listened to the words that I knew long ago from the dream The worst is not the fact that what you wish does‘nt come true but the fact that what you dont wish comes true no answers to countless questions no earnest explanations so just another lie taking turns for other lies and doubts I’ll never understand why there are traitors hidden amongst our own For so many times I rewrote the first sentence of this story still don´t know and this not-knowing is gnawing me it’s gnawing me