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Hell Paso noise-post hardcore / Praha

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Text skladby A Second Hand Head

z alba Queen Nevergreen


When you´re searching for a bug at any rate
You always find something where there´s nothing dear mate
But my disabled mind should not breed
It pulls me down and deep down and deep
If you tear yourself to the smallest shreds
Ain't easy to glue them back without mistakes
Then my head is like it’s Second Hand
I feel the beginning´s becoming the end
Yeah right now Why How
I don´t remember the last time I got high
But a strong hangover stabs me like a true lie
Stale deathlike air makes me sleep
It pulls me down and deep down and deep
Hey blues my brain´s not a room for rent
My life´s not given to me as a punishment
So why‘s my head like it´s Second Hand
And why‘s the beginning turning to the end
Now I would like to tell you everything
So let me speak and trust me
Follow me and believe in me
The rules are set as follows
They´re working for me
They´re all at beck and call
And sometimes they also lose control
But i cannot stop it
And who am i
I am you