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Hash rock-rock'n'roll / Trnava

„HASH box set "MATROŠ"“

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Text skladby Sweet Little 16

z alba First Aid

Autor hudby: Chuck Berry
Autor textu: Chuck Berry

They're really rockin' Boston
In Pittsburgh, p. a.
Deep in the heart of texas
And round the frisco bay
All over St.Louis
Way down in New Orleans
All the cats wanna dance with
Sweet little sixteen

Sweet little sixteen she's just got to have
About half a million framed autographs
Her wallets filled with pictures
She gets em one by one
She gets so excited
Watch her look at her run

Oh mommy mommy
Please may I go
Its such a sight to see
Somebody steal the show
Oh daddy daddy
I beg of you
Whisper to mommy
Its all right with you

Sweet little sixteen she's got the grown up blues
Tight dress and lipstick
She's sportin high heal boots
Oh, but tomorrow morning
She'll have to change her trend
And be sweet sixteen
And back in class again

Cause they'll be rockin' on bandstand
In Philadelphia p.a.
Deep in the heart of texas and round the frisco bay
All over St.Louis way down in New Orleans
Everybody wanna dance with
Sweet little sixteen