Goodfoul - Text skladby Lights Of Our Town z alba From Within |
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Goodfoul emo-post hardcore / Chodov


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Text skladby Lights Of Our Town

z alba From Within

There is only one window with a torn curtain in the room.
I`m lying here quitly and I´m looking into the dark.
It is dawning outsider and I`m taking in all the sounds of the town.
A distant tram in a bend, creaking, when a window is being opened,
a car, that is impossible to start.
Day is breaking, lights are going out.
It`s time to get up and crawl out,
the dusty town welcomes me every morning so does every street,
that I walk along with my head hanging.
Hardly anything is interesting enough to make me hold up my head.
All the same people with expressionless faces.
Nothing can surprise me anymore.
I know we were misled.
We are misled generation.
We were born to live our life in conformity with pre-given rules.
The life, we haven`t chosen.
Perhaps that`s why we leave our homes
and look for ourselves in the streets...
There is only one Windows with a torn curtain in the room.
I`m standing here in silence and looking into the dark.
The day is growing dark outside and I can see the lights of our town.
One big, chaotic mosaic of colours.
One light, one destiny.
I`m drowning in this sight and I feel sad.
As if I could hear the crying of all the just new-born children,
as if I could feel the innocence of theirs.
And so I`m asking those lights about meaning of life.
But there is no reply.
They are silent.
Our town`s lights won`t speak about chaos,
wars, human seclusion and despair
in the age of the rising millenium.
It is an ill society progress-tax.