Gingerhead - Text a video Lord of the Forest z alba Live in Studio |
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Gingerhead rock-pop / Praha

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Text skladby Lord of the Forest

z alba Live in Studio

Autor hudby: Luboš Moravec, Martin Mišík, Eliška Flaková
Autor textu: Eliška Flaková

I am standing on the street, but no-one's here and the wind is too cold.
He plays with my hair and I can only breathe and feel something too old.
And the power of nature seems too strong and I don´t want to loose
this feeling in my heart, because this is something, what I would like to choose.

I see nothing through the haze, just simply feeling of the presence of being
Chest moves up and down but I have no fear, It´s just the rhytm of breathing
I don´t mind, that the things I have got means nothing, in the end of the world
Raise your glass in the sound of silence means much more than you will ever know

Honey, never look back and hold on
Call in, call in the end of the storm
Raising, raising of chance, will guide you
Doing, doing your best, like I do

On the suburbs of dark black woods, something shining thru majestic trees
It wasn´t the light in bulb, it was the power of the animal dreams
And in the middle of all these lives I saw him right for the first time
Oh, deer, he is the lord of all stars, not to fly with him, would be a big crime