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04. dubna 2016
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  • Horses
    Glacier And The City
  • Flesh And Worms
    Glacier And The City
  • Hermaphrodite
    Glacier And The City
  • As If You Died At My Birth
    Glacier And The City
  • Deerhunter
    Glacier And The City
  • Somewhere in the drop of your miracle
    Ocean K.
  • White tiger
    Ocean K.
  • Public thief
    Ocean K.

Ghost of You - Hermaphrodite (official video)

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 5.11.2015
Music by Ghost of You.
Produced and mixed by Ondřej Ježek, JaMor studio.
Mastered by Tomáš Karásek, Gargle & Expel studio.

Script and director - Petr Pololánik
Director of photography - Martin Kubalec
Effects - Jonáš Svoboda
Editor - Petr Pololánik
Made by SHOT- studio…

Special thanks to Alžběta Göbelová, Petr a Ludmila Pololáníkovi, Ondřej Nečas and Pixtream Production.

Buy our debut album GLACIER AND THE CITY:

+420 724 463 565

Ghost of You is a band of young lads coming from Brno, who resolved to officially release a debut album with Indies Scope after two years of relentless live performing. Their original sound has been described to lay at an intersection of delicate emotions and unrestrained momentary energy. Their psychedelic pop rooted in minimalism has been recorded on a debut album Glacier and the City, created under the supervision of renowned producer Ondřej Ježek. This year, the band has played the prestigious Sziget festival in Hungary, a concert at the International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary and Banat festival in Romania. Their new record is said to be concise and a little gloomy.

©Ghost of You 2015