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Ghost of You psychedelic-pop / Brno

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04. dubna 2016
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  • Horses
    Glacier And The City
  • Flesh And Worms
    Glacier And The City
  • Hermaphrodite
    Glacier And The City
  • As If You Died At My Birth
    Glacier And The City
  • Deerhunter
    Glacier And The City
  • Somewhere in the drop of your miracle
    Ocean K.
  • White tiger
    Ocean K.
  • Public thief
    Ocean K.

Ghost of You - Exit [bonus track]

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 30.11.2012
lo-fi single "Exit" from the Ghost of You DEMO records 2012
recorded by Tom Novohradský and Jonáš Svoboda
Videoclip "Exit" was directed by Tom Novohradský, Brno, Czech Republic in 2012
This clip was dedicated to K.