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The Fall of Ghostface post hardcore-rock'n'roll / Opava


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Text skladby Eyes Like a Tapestry

z alba Secret Ingredient Part I.

Autor hudby: Michal Oslanec, Adam Uvíra
Autor textu: Jan Pater

She was wandering through the boardwalk like mist
like something I have never seen
With a spark glittering in her sky blue eyes
Sign of a riddle, sing of a tapestry
It felt like 1951 with echoes of saxophones
dinginling through my head while she whispered
"Better watch it there, young lad"
And I could hear the greatest minds of our generation
contemplating jazz all over again
Oh, it were you, downtown girl, who kept me up all night long
with whom my world was spinning in a cigar smoke
Yet still the air felt so strange
soaked in the late cinema movies and cheap motel sex
And as her presence filled my veins
I realized that in the end there will be no turning back
As I collected happiness on sidewalk
I wondered through this magnificent night
Cold subway station of human life
Where's the next stop, I wondered?
I wondered
I remember trying to figure out the answer in the tapestry
Tapestry hidden in her eyes
In that ridiculous disguise
Suddenly a skipping vinyl record
was guiding the distance
With us driving through the endless tunnel
and the time running out
It was the very night soaked in whiskey and blackjack
The very night the city went black
Show me your cancan , bitch!
A casino for the wicked
A carousel for beaten
And in the end the all that's left is guilt and shame
and maybe a little glimpse of smile on your face
looking in the mirror you say to yourself:
"It's too late to die young anyway"