Gaia Mesiah - Text skladby Canoe z alba Ocean |

Gaia Mesiah crossover-rock / Praha

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04. března 2019
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  • Black Bridge
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    Excellent Mistake
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    Excellent Mistake

Text skladby Canoe

z alba Ocean

I have seen you diving
In your anguish
Did you notice

Why you strike the pose
And you´re frightened
of your soul and so...

Only your dog knows
What you´ve been trying to
hide inside

Don´t you act
in front of me
It´s just a waste of time

Ref: Now we are close to END
Listen to the world of wasted land
Now we are close to END
Listen to the voice of promise land

Then I am walking through the little street
And there are many faces full of lies

I´m not interested what people think and settle behind
Cause it tries to hurts


Ref: Now we are close to...

Sometimes I look like a sinner
I wanna be the same as a winner
You have a chance in your life
Don´t be afraid of the words
That will degrade your little person
It´s all about the trust and reasons

I listen to my consciouns everytime

I hate people which make me cry

Ref: Now we are....

The only time When my mood feels right
To be alone in the town
Celebrate the dawn
Coming now