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FTA progressive-art rock / Ostrava


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Text skladby The Space Between

z alba Thanks for the Fish

Autor hudby: FTA
Autor textu: FTA

Lay down on the floor, prevent the fall

Quit the action, it will end anyway

Don't sleep, you'll have to wake up
or you won't wake up again

Don't fight, one day you will lose

Keep your hands laid on the wall

You know there are things that I can't figure out

because mistakes are a weakness and I
don't wanna get into a fight, understand,
stepping out straying out of the line
is not an option.
Playing it safe,
no expectations, no surprise

Just leave me here
I'll leave you here and I will take my chance

And will you follow me when I am over the fence?

And I recommend you to think of it
I need some comfort from time to time
I need some comfort from time to time
I need some comfort from time to time

Man, I need some comfort to take my time
Everyone says that
 and then I must live their lives
Life is not as easy as you picture
Picture yourself made of truth and pain

Picture this and die at least

once in your poor empty life
Life is not about being born again
Again, again mendacious man, you plead again
But I was told to, they said not to...
Again, again mendacious man, you plead again
I'm trying to say, they say not to disobey
Again, again mendacious man, you plead