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FTA progressive-art rock / Ostrava


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Text skladby From Within

z alba Eleven Shivers

Autor hudby: FTA
Autor textu: FTA

One step aside while holding the breath
Almost feel the death
but standing up to the safe end

I've put all of me into that
through a little hole in my head
I should have broken my leg

Hollow hole
Hollow hole
Hollow hole
Hollow hole

There's nothing in I should moan for
They say I was deaf, but I'm not sure I was
Even I could hear the echo
It collided 'cause I collapsed the sound

I left myself in the shell of itself
Why the hell he thought that I was hiding them
I know they were looking for the tight hole,
they're standing on the lawn of the shaking old man

It's getting dark
Just a cricket
and no other sound
It's getting dark

We didn't know how far,
didn't want to care
We didn't know how far
it should get

And after the ten escape tries
they found the way
And after all the failed tries
they found the way out

They don't belong there
We need the man to hold 'em from
what they are

He was sick of it all then,
nowadays he can turn 'em off
wasting their time

They don't want the old man
to stand in their way to me
and to rise in arms

So this could be the last
of the shivers

I can breathe out and to gather 'em
back to the hole, make 'em wait more

Birds of a feather hang together!