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13. dubna 2015
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  • Intro (People,People) / NEW
    Moon Starer
  • Walk Straight / NEW
    Moon Starer
  • Bauhaus / NEW
    Moon Starer
  • Hail To The Birds / NEW
    Moon Starer
  • 1+2+3+4=10 / NEW
    Moon Starer
  • Astronomer / NEW
    Moon Starer
  • Rooftops / NEW
    Moon Starer
  • Funeral Pie / NEW
    Moon Starer
  • Ghost of Christmas Past / NEW
    Moon Starer
  • Exit / NEW
    Moon Starer
  • Emergency / NEW
    Moon Starer
  • Red'O'Metry (radio edit) / NEW
    Moon Starer
  • Red'O'Metry
  • That's not what I meant
  • EXIT
  • Intro
  • Rain down
  • Hail to the Birds

Frequency - Bauhaus [Official Music Video]

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 27.1.2015
Single Bauhaus by Frequency from upcoming album releasing 24.42015.
Produced by Bee Production.
Directed by Frequency & Cube art Pictures
Label: Warner Music Czech Republic s.r.o.



Hey you, we were younger
lot's of honesty all around
it was our very first time.

Hey you we were like brothers
changing chambers in our minds
now the damage is done.

My father doesn't like it

CH: What have you done, we are at the outside of our House, aah.
What have you done, we did it outside of our House, aaah.


Hey you I'm now soldier
proud to standing there as a guard
it was my very first time

And all promises that I made
about not hurting anyone are now broken
oh the damage is done

My father doesn't like it

CH: What have you done, we are at the outside of Bauhaus, aah.
What have you done, you did it outside of Bauhaus, aaah.

AAaaah outro.

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