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Flowerwhile rock'n'roll-thrash / Brno

„!!! Novej singl - TMA !!!“

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Text skladby Stick to One's Colors

z alba No Jesus No Sprite

Autor hudby: Flowerwhile (Metalika)
Autor textu: Metalika/Perry

1. As I lay trying
to understand why you destroyed all
all what I need and what I want
what I cut cold

2. First time I saw you
I was sure that I lived for you
I didn´t know how pure I was

Blind for you
Blind ´cause of you

Some day I´ll ascertain
Your heart´s made of snow flakes
With your lies you´re laughing at my desire
Please stop laughing at me

Yes I know it´s too late (there´s no way out)
Yes I - will break one´s oath
Yes I know that´s so sad
and all - but one will know that now

I deceived you
you swallowed it whole, you swallowed it whole
There’s nothing that’s more I couldn’t stand
I deceived you
I dealt you a blow, I dealt you a blow

3. "Stick to our colors"
noone told that they are the right ones
I am to blame for painted out