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Flowers in the Dark alternative-metal / Košice

„Kapela ukončila svou činnost“

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Text skladby Pandora's box

z alba EP Drama Queen

Autor hudby: Flowers in the Dark
Autor textu: Arthur Balle

I am not addict but
I consider to become
several men around me
have already begun

my team plays shorthanded
now we clearly feel a gap
I poured myself blended
and green light turns to red

repeat an answer twice
there is question to be asked
are you good to be alive
although our minds got lost in dusk

are you good to be alive?!
PSBX opened wide
is it grand enough for try
PSBX opened wide

you must have broken through what
god doesn't want to reveal
car was sent for sentence
end it by an endless wheel

moments of reaction
won't keep you no much longer
amongst devout angels
nor even amongst fiendish monsters

did you sleep with Death
as soon as you arrived at night?
did you withstand until morning
or break her heart instantly hard?

I am moving, but I am stuck
what a pity in having so much luck