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An introduction to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

FIFA Ultimate Team is one of the most popular modes in FIFA 22. Lots of FIFA fans only pursue this mode and make a strong team to have a better chance when competing against other rivals. FIFA Ultimate Team also known as FUT is based on your team and your performance during a whole week. To have a great team and purchase good players, you need to have FUT coins, which you earn by playing matches, being successful in tournaments, and selling your existing players on the Transfer Market.

How to be successful in FUT 22?

Ultimate Team keeps track of exactly how your team is doing, which players are doing well, and how long you've been engaging your goalkeeper, etc.

Some players have been playing FUT for a long time, yet they never managed to have the best players in their teams. The likes of Ronaldo, Messi, or Mbappe are uncommonly rare drops, and they cost millions of FUT coins on the Transfer Market. So in order to have that many coins in your account, you need to follow the events, matches, and anything that leads to getting coins as rewards. However, the fact remains that even if you do a great job in the game, the number of coins doesn't really take off. But what is the solution here?

How to have lots of coins in FUT 22

If you manage to buy FUT Points, you can buy packs that contain good Players worth lots of FIFA coins and by selling them, you get to have a rich bank account in FIFA 22.

Another option is to buy FUT 22 coins from valid coin suppliers. This option can make your progress much faster and easier. A reliable online coin provider like WhatsGaming.net offers the chance to buy as many coins as you need via safe and fast methods. You can divide your purchase into two or three parts, depends on how big your coin purchase is, and have them delivered to your account during a week in order to reduce the chance of getting noticed by EA Sports.