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Help Me Find Some Ideas For A Research Paper: Solid Advice From An Expert

Help Me Find Some Ideas For A Research Paper: Solid Advice From An Expert

Brainstorming for strong research paper ideas will be easier with the following tips made by essay writing service reddit and professional research paper writers in mind.

Free-write before you brainstorm.
Many students find it difficult to brainstorm research paper ideas because they easily get distracted by outside thoughts. To clear your mind and make most of your brainstorming session, use a technique that is called free-writing. Set a timer for five minutes. Spend all this time writing down everything that comes to your mind. By doing so, you will remove any unnecessary thoughts from your way. After you finish, look at what is now on the paper. There might be things you can write a great research paper about.

Make lists of keywords.
Write the name of the course or module you have to produce a research paper for. Look at this word, then write the things it makes you think about in the order they come to your mind. For example, one of your first associations with “economics” might be “money” or “jobs.” Read the resulting list. Which word arouses your strongest emotion? Write down a similar list of associations for it. After you write two or three lists, you will have a clear idea of what areas of this discipline are of greatest interest to you. Find and read previous research

Look through your class notes.
Review the notes you have taken in class. Are there any issues of which you would like to hear more about but your teacher did not have enough time to explain it? Google them. Not only will you find out what you wanted to know, but you may also discover a fascinating topic for your research.

Invite your friends to join you.
Brainstorming in groups is often more effective than doing it on your own. Ask your friends whether they also struggle with picking good topics for their research papers. If the answer is yes, offer to brainstorm topics together. Your friends might come up with a great idea you have overlooked, and you might lend the same help to them.

Turn to your personal experience.
Remember the most heated debates you’ve recently had with your friends or family. What were they about? Can any of these issues make good research paper topics? Alternatively, write a list of all the questions you would like to find answers to. Do not think about your assignment while writing; just think about what is of interest to you.

Next, read the list to determine whether you can use one of these questions as your research topic.

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