Fall From Everest - Text a video snake (feat. Velkatlusta0) z alba St. Nightmare's Day | Bandzone.cz
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Fall From Everest post hardcore-electronica / Praha

„Náš debut St. Nightmare's Day JE VENKU!“

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Text skladby snake (feat. Velkatlusta0)

z alba St. Nightmare's Day

I know its such a clichè
watching a reflection
Who the fuck is this guy
and why he's wearing my clothes
Why he’s in my home
And how you can get from point A to point B
And lose it all on the way

I was an animal with a blind spot
And look what it caused you
I hope that you're ok now
But who am I to ask?
It's easy to blame others
For all the things they’ve done
For all the pain they've caused
But this time it is different
Cause I'm the monster
I did it all to you
Let me open your mouth
And put those words inside
Right on your tongue
Yelling just: Fuck you
And I would thank you for that

What did I live for?
Cause I can’t remember
The snake in my arm
And the sound of alarm

How far did I go?
Cause I can’t remember
from then to December
We did use to talk

I can’t remember
I can’t remember