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Eugene Morrow indie-rock / Praha

„EP Such Rebellion je venku.“

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Text skladby Guesthood

z alba Such Rebellion

Autor hudby: Eugene Morrow
Autor textu: Jakub Brych

Don't be surprised you can't hear me
The noises float somewhere above me
And it's all that I know
There is nothing to say
I'm asking you though
If you will stay

You're telling me that you don't mind
It's the closest to peace we will find
A flickering light letting me see
Just enough to be totally fear-free
It's the right way
The right way to take

Tell me you're out of your words
Help me to be out of mine

There's no telling when you'd show up
It's the wind and the fields who brought you up
Though sometimes you fall
Like a little bird
Needing two hands
To make sure that you're not hurt

Tell me you're out of your words
Help me to be out of mine

I've never been worse than on this night
It's the most peculiar invite
And it's all that I know
I've got nothing to say
There's no need to ask
Cause you're gonna stay