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Eufory heavy-power / Martin

„New album out via Sliptrick Records“

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Text skladby I Want Out

z alba Higher and Higher

Autor hudby: Eufory
Autor textu: Eufory

We're undergoing blue and wretched lives
still looking for courage to die
We're loosing need for pray to Jesus Christ
stifling throes deep in own inside

Bridge 1:
Just like all the sheep, we follow the laws and rules of the tyrants
They sneer when your sob
they laugh when your cry fill deafening silence

So why we hover between life and death?
We are experiencing dread
In fear waiting what comes next day again
Yet rebellion under way inside your brain

Bridge 2:
Live now and think about the future
Live now! Fight off the razor edge!
Your mind is mistrustful and down
So find the way from pandemonium
Escape from the misery awaiting to be found

I want out
I think it is better that I don't stay here
I want out
In any case, this world once will disappear
I want out
I think it is better that I don't stay here
I want out
I know this world will disappear