Ethos of Nemesis - Text skladby Unity z alba Into Eternity |
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Ethos of Nemesis hardcore-metalcore / Mariánské Lázně / Tachov

„Klip je VENKU!!!!“

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Text skladby Unity

z alba Into Eternity


Take me away, this place is not for me, I want to go away, to forget all and to start in another place. All of this pain, which is to be blamed, and what remains when everything is gone.

You don't understand, life is just an illusion. Prepare yourself to discover what is behind the veil.

I want to say, your speech is mistaken, with smile on your face, you lied to me and you want me to stay, in distress and lame, there is no way, let me take my life and go away.

Have we met first time? I think not. We have met many times and we will again. Until this time, stand beside me. Hand by hand, truth shall set us free. We are lost parts splited in the past, scattered into universe in deep separation. If we don't meet, find me next time, in the other life, that will not be so hard.

Come with me and we will float, through the time on a dreamed boat. With happiness all the time. Together tasting matter and time.

After the uniting of all lost parts. Sandglass turns up and the Night will come.

And in that time, I will know, my parts are back, and Brahma prepares himself to another jump, to different reality, where all is connected and we all meet up again.