Ethos of Nemesis - Text skladby Angels in Us z alba Into Eternity |
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Ethos of Nemesis hardcore-metalcore / Mariánské Lázně / Tachov

„Klip je VENKU!!!!“

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Text skladby Angels in Us

z alba Into Eternity

Angels in us

He comes in midnight, starting to whisper and I felt darkness came with him. His face was mine, but more sinister. Little man came to feed my desire.

I want to understand us.
It´s no aim of life.
I wish to comprehend us.
Why? This all is lie!

I want to prove myself.
Try the bullet.
Where is enlighten?
In your wallet.

Why you despise all of human kind? There is much more than hunger inside of us.

I´ve no doubts at all – in your kind there is more:

Pain, anger, desolation. Emotions, that´s right. Greed, craving, humiliation.

Sure, it belongs to life. Hurting, rape, supremacy. What is wrong with you? You´re lost in hypocrisy. Stop! We´re not so bad too.

You have a point, but you don´t see the light, which lay behind of all passions of human mind and all of obsessions leads us to the doom.

Strength, honour, veracity.
Like soldiers in the war?
Hope, wisdom, morality.
Only words for all.
Love, belief, friendship.
Are you homo fool?
Justice and leadership.
Yes, that´s so cool.

Please leave me be and go away. My darkest part and my ego speak your way. And I feel like stepping out of fear.

Inside me are daemon and angel. Fighting an eternal battle.