Ethos of Nemesis - Text a video Pathfinder z alba Into Eternity |
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Ethos of Nemesis hardcore-metalcore / Mariánské Lázně / Tachov

„Klip je VENKU!!!!“

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Text skladby Pathfinder

z alba Into Eternity


I reach crossing of the roads, met myself – four times on my own. Every way with simple rules, every of those men making choice.

First man of faith, belief as shield, god has many faces, base knowledge hidden inside me. But god always means the one in many shapes we imagine.

And there is the second man with love in his hands. He is helping any, but himself, he does what´s needed with no reward. The way of the action, nothing more he needs.

Third Man of discipline – meditating, practising. His body and his mind - strong, clear and unified. Third eye is opened, he knows it all, world is constructed by mind, not soul. Maya, faking, illusion. Truth is somewhere else.

Look at all these walls, what they symbolise? Can we go through and reach paradise. All that mirrors shows us the way. All that blindness can ignite inner sight.

Try to see, as the fourth man, all things are one, you are the whole space. All is one, we are divine, undying souls lead us through eternity. Break these walls, to see all the fakes, than each of four men and each of four ways … seems to be one, in connection, one true way of the good one, so let´s go!

But there is a fifth way – my own, for these days as good as all four. In couple, in relation – with my shakti in connection.
Because we are one. Because I chose my way … with you!