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Ethos of Nemesis hardcore-metalcore / Mariánské Lázně / Tachov

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Text skladby From myth to phylosophy

z alba Abyss Inside

From myth to philosophy

I know our lives are directed by the higher principles
and we can not do anything, we can not dispute,
we can´t have any doubts - but what

We know only war. We know only war.
We know only war - is what we like!

Where are we going from the future to the past?
We´re that same people … always destroy what we love.
And our present is running through our scared lives
but our hindsight is lost in our culture – in wars!

Influenced by wars. Influenced by wars,
Influenced by wars - are what we like!

They´ll get you!
I think you misunderstand.
It´s time for choosing fate.

We don´t need your fucking history - wrote by winners only for their glory.
We´ve passed a long way from the past to the future.
Try to see through the gilding of our society.

In every fucking age they tell us about our progression,
rise to humanity - it´s a fake obsession.
All the same misunderstanding was between nations for years.
There is something you must be afraid of … it must disappear.

That war. That fucking war. That fucking war.
That fucking precious human pride!

They ´ll get you. No!
With all of our memories.
I don´t see any progress to democracy and freedom.
Something never change.

Die for all the reasons you don´t know!
die for government you don´t vote!
die for a religion, fucking leader!
die for Bilderberg´s New world order!

Where are we going from the future to the past?
We´re that same people … always destroy what we love.
Try to see through all disguises and all lies.
To live in peace we must fight in these days.

We´re still not edified from ancestors´ mistakes.
Man are in a circle of slaughter and enslavement.
Predatory elite always rationalize their terror
by God´s law of their superiority, but they´re still wrong.

They are only a horde of ruthless psychopathic parasites
living upon flesh of humans – in their eyes we are nothing more than ants.