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Ereley progressive-metal / Cheb

„Hraješ na bicí? Líbí se ti Ereley? NAPIŠ/VOLEJ“

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Text skladby Boogie man

z alba Diablerie

Autor hudby: Jiří Réda
Autor textu: Lukáš Réda

There was a guy
Loving unconditionally
Flawless girl
With boundless love
And she stabbed him like hundered times
Into heart
Into ears
Into eyes
From there comes

Boogie boogie man
Hidden in the darkness
Waiting for you
He comes out of shadows
In the moments
You turn the lights off

Saint damned soul
Condemned to mourn
For the whole eons
Living with demons
For the whole eternity
Torturing insanity
Neverending hate

Shaking in the night
Bleeding in the darkness
Dying every night

And sometimes he goes to visit people
And sometimes he walks through the night
Searching for sin of yours

One night I saw him in the middle of my room
Just creepy feeling he´s the evidence of my doom
So I let the lights forgotten in shadows