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Ereley progressive-metal / Cheb

„Hraješ na klávesy? Líbí se ti Ereley? NAPIŠ/VOLEJ“

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Text skladby Room 666

z alba Diablerie

Autor hudby: Lukáš Réda
Autor textu: Lukáš Réda

I walk through white passages again
There are thousands doors on both sides
As far as eye can see
I´m trying to open them but they´re locked
And so I keep going through white labyrinth
After a while of walking I stop and try to open next door
And these one are open, my heartbeat explodes
As I slowly open the door and carefully look inside

I see two figures bending over the third one
Laying chained in bed
Suddenly they turn around
And I see their faces

Pure light shines straight out of their eyes
Such a look that almost make me kneel down
Endless wisdom and pure feeling of safety

„Why you keep this person chained on bed?“
„It´s not your business, you should go.“ they say
„The only door I could opened were these...
So get the fuck out of my way I want to see who´s laying there!“

They have been selfish
They preached about water
Yet drunk the blood wine
And burned the paper bonds