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Ereley progressive-metal / Cheb

„Hraješ na bicí? Líbí se ti Ereley? NAPIŠ/VOLEJ“

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Text skladby Dancing Hoods

z alba Katharsis

Autor hudby: Ereley
Autor textu: La_Resistans

Far, far beyond the memory
Flew memories from the days of paper bonds
Of friendship
Times buried alive
When the brightest sunshine in the shadow disappeared
Therein the forgotten times covered in dust

In the grey garb of indistinguishability
The dance of fools
Dancing in black hoods
Memories from the days of paper bonds of friendship

When we were together
Despite the impenetrable wall between us
Each separately in the middle of the four walls
Playing the game without winners

Ceremony of joy, sorrow, tears and smiles
Ceremony of the hate and love
Dancing in black hoods
Waving in a dark cold night