Ereley - Text skladby Highlanders z alba Katharsis |
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Ereley progressive-metal / Cheb

„Hraješ na bicí? Líbí se ti Ereley? NAPIŠ/VOLEJ“

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Text skladby Highlanders

z alba Katharsis

Autor hudby: Ereley
Autor textu: La_Resistans

The light fills my cooled body finally
The light makes me feel like I´m living afterall
The light brought me here I don´t know where I´m
The light tells me that everything is in right place

And then the rain comes in our way
It forces us to pray to the universe
For showing us a better face
In a moments when the light comes

"Inside your head you are drifting
At the edge of our own consciousness
That is a remarkable moment
You are able to find your own light"

And if you will find just darkness as I
Then just look around, somewhere else
And if you will find just pain inside
Then let the someone heal you, help you
To find the light