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Ereley progressive-metal / Cheb

„Hraješ na bicí? Líbí se ti Ereley? NAPIŠ/VOLEJ“

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Text skladby Soul in chains

z alba Katharsis

Autor hudby: Ereley
Autor textu: La_Resistans

As the sorrow crawles on my tongue
From a deepest inside of me
My hands starts shaking my heart is breaking
When my body does no longer work
Razors in my veins
Explosions of the pain in my brain

Please help me
Out of here
Please help me
´Cos there´s no one near

As my soul burns chained in past
I know I should have go
And leave it all behind
There´s so many ways to choose
Then don´t wait just go
And I chose one

"I was not put here by anyone in fear
I came alone as me
And just an idea of a long chaing of discovering
Surrounded by you..."