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Enemy Soil East death-metal / Praha

„Kapela ukončila svou činnost“

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Text skladby The FORGOTTEN

z alba ATONISM - Exus Domini

Autor hudby: Denial
Autor textu: Denial/Draken Zulu

Under an ancient Egypt sky
tribes mesmerized by evil
why no one asking truth
simplicity follows liars?

out beneath, the storm sky
down, on the wasteland ground
his breath warm up the winter air
for those can't breath Sinai sand
miracles, obviously shame
new destiny, for internal fame
non uf us, pray for this
everything comes down in his will

The will was as rule even
justice well pretended
blood will cover the land
naive blood of people
resurrected by cult of Aton
forgotten in the mind of people
possessed by the will to rule
He brings death to his genitor

He might the chosen one
the only one predetermine
the god's eye for human race
he often speaks in this way
He did contract with the fire
On to the of the mount alone
He had brought, eternal law
Which he broke and destroyed

it's mighty to foresee with
the knowledge of prophecy
the light inside Mose’s
protects us from the cold, now ?
But the dark is only the lead
Thy scares start to bleed and bleed
I know the evil seed
Deed and deep and deep
Inside, again ?

no body knows the truth
don't be as we were fool
don't be the fool - lie isn't truth...
again ?