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Endy Moon pop-soul / Zlín

„Nový singl "Jsme na tom stejně"“

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Text skladby Fired Emotions

z alba midnight in rain

Autor hudby: Endy Moon
Autor textu: Iva Korgerová

I could make it happen
Take my chance to rise
Out of nowhere, open up and see
Staying clear of standards
Choosing my own way
Having no place, not knowing my fate

These are the times I remember,
My grungy clothes, rankling on ember
I would rescue myself from hysteria
I would go around every feria
I would wonder about my charm

Hundred times away
Fired emotions, found in the ocean
we gave it up, friend, gave up our strains
all that bad has proved to be apt

There I see you wasted
Laid on your beam-ends
Finding no place
Rambling round your slam
Wising up our squailor
I give you helping hand
I get on the bottom of what has spoilt our being

We’re walking down the street
Calling out destiny
taking breath in the shed
You can only suffocate
Now we’re said
What to celebrate out there