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Endless progressive-metal / Ostrava

„hledáme bubeníka !“

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Text skladby Through the ashes

z alba Refuse to Shine

Through the ashes

Colour my heart and I´ll colour yours
We´ve been christened by fire and greatness
Everyone different but still the same.
In reflection I see you can see inside me.
At first I feel you can hear me.

We´re not yet ashes blown in the wind
Later we´ll soar on the wings of eagles
As time runs on between the tolls of the bell
Like when you reverse the sound of the horn.
That is the begining.

You´ll colour me with the colour of a heart and I´ll change myself.
United we cannot get back.
Like when I hated you for my own mistakes.
When I couldn´t forgive you myself.

You´ve entered my soul
Coloured me with the colour of your heart And I coloured you.