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Endless progressive-metal / Ostrava

„hledáme bubeníka !“

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Text skladby Trough it all

z alba Refuse to Shine

Through it all

Are you okay? You look like a footprint in the sand
Unsure when It´ll be swept back into the sea / deep
Never fading, connected to the one who left you in the sand

The tiring game hidden behind the smile for the closest ones
Only to keep them from knowing
But the others know more, because it´s hard
And the show must go on, you can´t win...

We are connected by the fact that we can rely on each other
But in the end It´s down to us like in „NO COVER“
That´s the way we can change / alter our planes
Your decision?

Our mistakes we pay for many years
Unsure of how to make up for them
But nobody´s perfect and unlike others we can forgive

Even when we hurt with our own feelings
You decided to end the game , for you it´s allready over
You cast us in the leading roles badly scripted without an end

And maybe it would have been enought to call for help
Get over yourself, forgive
To love the damned / forsaken, who will never understand
Why you choose over them your game