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Endless progressive-metal / Ostrava

„hledáme bubeníka !“

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Text skladby A matter of integrity

z alba Refuse to Shine

A matter of integrity

Your senses filled, attention caught and eyes focused
It gives you everything and sets it up in time and space
The rest is up to you
It´s not your delusion, It´s not a dream

Who blinded me?
Who saw the first sign?
Who gets away with thinking the worst?

Try to remember how it was – hopeless
The doors are all closed and I´m left in the dark
Our dark, an instant before it all went wrong

Walking down a winding hallway with doors
Painted on the walls, there´s no way back
The markings on the floor tell me the exit´s drawing / coming nearer
But they lie

Every step is getting harder

The hallway´s becoming a circle and the markings are shrinking
The question that push me on wards have no answer
There´s no hope
Hope dies last, the answer are cursed
The question are misleading
Hope is a lie

I´m still walking but going backwards
It´s the only way
The meaning is somewhere in the never-ending maze