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Edward Fortyhands crossover / Praha

„Kapela ukončila svou činnost“

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Text skladby TAKE ME DOWN

z alba Kill the brain

Autor hudby: Kudrna
Autor textu: Říha

Another fight that you’ve made for me to lose
but i came anyway cause I won’t refuse
any other chance to know the truth.
Another shot in the dark that I have to choose,
doesn’t matter how dark, I just won’t refuse
any other chance to know the truth.
Say you’ll never leave, promise you will never turn your back on me
cause I don’t wanna get around throught this hell with no motherfucking fortune I can feel.
When nobody wants to go on, I will fly, just help and you will see
all I need is you as my sidekick, by my side, don’t you ever leave!

Take me down
Down to the start of everything
where you’ve been found
without me.

Another bottom that I’m supposed to pass
fall against my will to gain experience
to let me know that there’s the truth.
Another place that I love but I can’t ever be,
so I try anyway, I try everyday
to find out if there’s the truth.

I swear there’s nothing else that could save me.
(Denied the reason to die, eversince the joy’s been found)
The only possible way is if you can stay (with, with me!)

Take me down… (2x)

Okey, you want some hardcore?
well, let's make it rough!

Come closer to me…

It's like for a first time I feel so alive
but in a meantime I swear I just cant breathe
Come closer to me...