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Edward Fortyhands crossover / Praha

„Kapela ukončila svou činnost“

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z alba Kill the brain

Autor hudby: Říha / Kudrna
Autor textu: Říha

I said the sky is the limit, but now it‘s all comming back to me,
now I‘m unable to see thru, nothing is there to see.
Im on my way to the rock bottom, but the bottom lies down
Fuck I wanna be up, fuck it‘s so hard to believe.
After all this crap, when you give me even more crap
that makes me wanna shoot my fucking brain
out there, where could be usefull at least for one
motherfucking percent more, that it is now in me.

But now when I think about it
I see my sadness passing by.
So I guess it‘s time...

(WOOO) To start believe that theres a reason for my life.
(WOOO) To change the whisper into scream.
(WOOO) And one day I‘m gonna make you tell me why.
(WOOO) But now I‘m changing the shisper... Into SCREAM

So I‘m already in trouble and ready to drown
but it seems like somebody is stealing the watter... yeah allright.
I‘ve never thought it would happen in my whole fucking life
I‘ve never thought I‘m a quitter, especially now
when I‘m down to whatever, I‘m down to fucking fight,
While I‘m thinking how to left these motherfuckers behind.
So I care less when you do, then you don‘t care enough oh
I‘m about to be the first one killing his luck, luck.



Don‘t say anything that‘s wrong
I want something better
Right now nothing suits me right
So I‘m screaming