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Edain progressive-fusion / Brno


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  • Pained Oblivion- Rephrased (2018) 230 ×
  • Drain Out- Rephrased (2018) 174 ×
  • Inside Polysphere- Rephrased (2018) 95 ×
  • Critical Intelligence III- Rephrased (2018) 87 ×
  • Who Am I- Rephrased (2018) 71 ×
  • Knowledge Of The Hidden- Rephrased (2018) 50 ×
  • Critical Intelligence IV- Rephrased (2018) 30 ×
  • Endure Persistence- Rephrased (2018) 42 ×
  • Critical Intelligence II- Of Those Who Worship Fire (2013) 724 ×
  • Critical Intelligence I- Of Those Who Worship Fire (2013) 87 ×

Text skladby Silent Weapons for Silent Wars

z alba Of Those Who Worship Fire

High ...
Above the valleys of blossoming paradise
Intriguing paths of Hassan ibn Sabbah
The eagle’s nest perspective of humanly affairs
Fascinating form of mysticism applied
Poison dipped daggers, innocence and blood
Foundations of the sublimest
Machination craft
Essence of high spirited devotion and desire
Ingenious progression
Of those who worship fire
High ...
Articulation of enlightenment
A shortcut to the ultimate believe
A readiness to sacrifice
There’s no contesting the order’s sovereignty
Political manipulators, assassins
Inspirited, vindicative
Sacred dispositions
Blind allegiance imperative
Threatening, yet inspiring
Unparallelled direction
The ultimate balance of destruction and creation
In mystifying haze they rise
To uphold their vindication
Undercover missionaries
Faithful to the foundation
Transcending the duality of self proclaimed ills of morality
Observing the freedom of spirit Nietzsche said
Modern day philosophy to see beyond the schemes
A vibrant sign in history, a tenet to aspire
The harmony of contradictions justifies the means
Inveterate conviction of those who worship fire