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Edain progressive-fusion / Brno


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Text skladby Blood as an Anaesthetic

z alba Of Those Who Worship Fire

Lo and behold
Those who trade in serpent poison
Aggregate all discontent and contradictions
into a blind age fundamentalism
Emotions laid upon
The picture driven fabricated wisdom
disclosed behind the mask
No hurt to people’s feelings
Mastermind filtered contingency
Vain effort if others fail to follow
There’s always still one more solution
That kind of rhetoric can now become a deadlock
As benefits and certainties and
wishful thinking compromise the ends
Soak the sand with shattered hopes
Then squeeze it for the last drop of complacency
Survival in the hands of spurious gods
They keep asking for commitment
Shall we live our lives with fingers on the trigger?
Uh, are you morbid?
Now burn your Fukuyama books instead of oil
Feel relief from tears that fears will not reveal
Grab your cameras and tanks
Uphold the largely abused dichotomy
Will the unrest lead us to another peace?
Refocus on the inside
Compromise the ethics
Make blood an anaesthetic
There’s always still
one more solution – the last one