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Edain progressive-fusion / Brno


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Text skladby Fragments of Frail Designs (version 2011)

z alba The Sulphur Breather

Fragments of frail designs
Trapped at the bottom of the mind
Stare at the frozen instant messenger

Caught …
By cyber colour ethics
You’re taking the path of an energised transcension

The words deceive and confine
In the process of building a vision
Misguidance is a feeling that lurks
Unnoticed to eyes made blind
Fall a prey to your own schemes

May God have mercy on bare feet that step into the fire

Bound to be disturbance stricken
A daring act

Will a one-track mind ever discover
The objects of desire
Foundations to your own existence, to others a lie
Bites and pieces …

Security seems unimportant to pursue your goals
when the essence of bliss lures so strong

Hear these words!
Thresholds of a platonic affair
Reason provides instruments to counter the threat …
Through oblivion
Hear these words!

Switch on
Flood new fibre optic power to your veins
There are still these fragments
They’re still after you

Stare at the frozen instant messenger again
The structure breaks on the background
No escape character defined

Once blind, now gone blank