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Edain progressive-fusion / Brno


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Text skladby The Sulphur Breather

z alba The Sulphur Breather

In the time of trouble and distress
Shall we admit weakness
Shall we seek guidance
Shall we obstinately hold onto our certainties

Dreadful logic in uniting with the strong
Will it turn against you once the allies lose their grip
The tides turn constantly and the echoes keep reminding

It’s easy to ignore the writings on the wall
Or the pillars of salt

And evil was the rain on those who had been warned
Like a stream of burning sulphur, set the world ablaze

Suffering servants will be rewarded
And woe betides those
Who sacrifice their children
For their own material comfort
They so stubbornly seek

And evil was the rain on the admonished

Rebellious children
Idolatrous believes
Materialist eschatology