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Dysangelium death-metal / Pardubice

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Text skladby Oblivion

z alba Holykaust

Autor hudby: Dysangelium
Autor textu: Nekro

Outbreak of life in dead bodies on battlefield
Full of white maggots, corpses are moving
Prophets are dead and there is no savior
Upon cadavers, rotten wind is blowing
Mortuus in utero matris
Once living flesh was turned to dust
Homo homini lupus
The only thing we can trust
Eternal dream is ending
And no one is here to mourn and cry
Even the hope is dying
When earth is swallowing bringers of lie
In the realm of chaos
Caskets are open
Just take a look
And see the fated vision
Forsaken place
Covered with bones and guns
Where plants are growing
From skulls of the fallen ones
Remnants are seeping
Into the soil
Muscles once tough as steel
Turned to the oil
Breath of the unburied
Slowly uprising
Explosion of new life
In the circle of massive dying!
Namelessness, that’s the true and complete end
Slow burial in ceremony of silence
Curtain of clouds over their head
Whole life is just a return to death!
Timeless gluttony of putrefaction
Everything that died is eaten back to life
Part by part consumed by nature
Funeral notice written in scars and flames
Inherence of life is truly something base
But everything has its price
And sometimes it's blood in your face