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Dysangelium death-metal / Pardubice

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Text skladby Dystopia

z alba Holykaust

Autor hudby: Dysangelium
Autor textu: Nekro

Mentality of slaves
Walking through the centuries
Smallness in grey
And for us you have to pray!
Deliric minions
Over and over again
Time for catharsis
Reduce the pain!
Eternal damnation
Death born from the lifeless sands
Internal psycho-structure
And this is where it ends
Illusions filled with fear
Of your eternal burning
In the name of love and hope
Digging holes through your soul
Three-headed cult of terror
Spread all over the world
Bringers of mental cold
Followed by many systems
Designed through utopia
Still the same esteem for clergy
Leading us to phobia
Pathological rejection of reason
Hypocritical belief
Obey the rules!
Stab in the back and cut through the neck
From wannabe moral wreck
Obey the God!
Long years of decadence
Carried through generations
Impotence to recognize
What sounds good and what is right
Connection between worlds
Proclaiming peace of mankind
It had its other side buried in endless light
Anyone could have invaded
Living space of anybody
In the sign of charity
Dystopic egality
Cannibalistic tendencies
Intruders in territory
Abhorrence filled with gore
It started - the Überwar
Another slaughtercult
Another propaganda
Another scenery
Of real humanity
In the name of tolerance
Third and the greatest bloodshed
All against all
Under the sentence: "No more war!"
Humanly primitive sarcastic fate
Catastrophical tendencies, for rebirth came too late
Tolerance and love have unleashed the hecatombical hate!
Fright and fear were also here
For all people to disappear
Is artificial moralism a good reason to die?
Critical level of collective madness – at last the foundation of doubt!
Hypocritical belief asphyxiated and drowned in its own blood!