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Dysangelium death-metal / Pardubice

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Text skladby Inferno

z alba Holykaust

Autor hudby: Dysangelium
Autor textu: Nekro

Funeral swamp
Black hole of existence
Made through dark science
In the explosion of violence
Macabric place
Attacked by a storm
Where spawns of evil
And horror were born
Unleash the darkness
In the sign of combination
Weapons of mass destruction
Create a new world through death, mutilation and mutation
Horrific monsters – damnation
Shock wave and mushroom cloud
And sounds unearthly loud
Blast incinerating the earth
And then two other strikes - biological and chemical
Totally annihilating warfare
Opening the gate
To seal our fate
Nights full of screams
Blood running cold in veins
Nightmares instead of dreams
Slowly lurking imminence
Unexpected progress of lethal situation
Who the hell survived the liquidation?
Where firstly craters were, as a relic of some nation
Now there is born abomination
Megatomb was changed to womb
Ground infested by radiation
No possible way of infiltration
Shadow is spreading – who knows its origin?
There seems to be no salvation
Where are they from?
Some say it's hell
Dreadful things dwell
On the plains of despair
Terrific tentacles
Thirst for fresh blood
In the reign of terror
Absence of God
People are vanishing in mysterious circumstances
Silence is following strange noises
Leaving just a trail of slime and scratches of claws
Panic is freezing human voices
Whatever hatches in there, it has some intelligence
A twisted mind deformed by pestilence
No need of fences, it can dig underground
Unholy forces in strong alliance
Messengers of perdition
Stigmatized by Thanatos
Driven by obscure desire
Phantoms bred in stygian fire
Opening the gate
To seal our fate