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Dysangelium death-metal / Pardubice

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  • War- Maniachrist (2012) 6 073 ×
  • Carmageddon- Maniachrist (2012) 4 162 ×
  • Maniachrist- Maniachrist (2012) 2 962 ×

Text skladby Carmageddon

z alba Maniachrist

Autor hudby: Dysangelium
Autor textu: Nekro

In the land of eternal shadow
Forgotten by a merciless god
In the streets - ruler of all
Leader of hate, breeder of blood
Sewers filled with mud
Parts of rotting flesh
If you choose to surrender
Commeth your death
My car splicing your body in half
You live no more
You are here only for me
I wanna see you suffer
I wanna hear your screams
I wanna kill your dreams
Victim of roaring madness
Torn up by the bloodmachine
Tires are bloody
Crushing that body
Slaughter the city
I'll fuckin' kill you all!
Bloodbathed engine
And flesh on my helm
And fire in my veins
Shades of madness
Burried in my head
And now motherfucker, you are dead
Endless Torture
In my engine
Do you hear your godless fate?!
Mass damnation
Terror on the trails
You can't stop me
And the others fails
In your silent scream
Bloodless corpse
In everlasting dream
You are fuckin' dead
I am fuckin' mad
I'll cut your legs and hands
And then your head
Dissected torso
Dissected soul
Most brutal murder
Left for show
Die you bitch!
Die you bitch!
Your death is here
Roaring engines
Blood and fire
Total madness
Is my desire!!!