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Dysangelium death-metal / Pardubice

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Text skladby War

z alba Maniachrist

Autor hudby: Dysangelium
Autor textu: Nekro

Now, we are at new war
Defending our homes
There'll be a lot of pain and blood
Death or survival
Glory or misery
There is no god
But the war will be holy
Through the toothless tolerance
Which gave us no chance
To keep the poise of our own homes
Our land is slowly dying
People are only crying
What the hell are they waiting for?
Steel your mind!
Raise your head!
Clench the fists!
It's time to fight!
Or you can let it be
And still lie to yourself
That you are not a slave and you are still free
Your time is slowly running
Open your damn eyes
And prepare for a big change in your life
Cause they are simply lying
Know your misery
And it will be worse
So wake up and come with me
Stop wasting your time
You know, that I am right
Only but raise your arm
And join our fight!
Now we have two ways
To fight and win or lose our freedom
Enslaved in our land
It's treachery
When foes defile our home
Become worms
Spineless kin
Without will
So try to win, so die to win
Or if you don't want
You will never be
Nothing more
Eclipse of history!
It's not your fate
In tolerance mindlessly drown your hate
Have ancestors
In memory
They are your blood, your history
Three-headed cult
Of desert god
Which is trying to destroy our blood
Bleed our hearts
It's time to fight
Now stand
And let them taste your might!